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China Mosaic/Silk Road Mosaic DZ-STA239803

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China Silk Road Mosaic manufacturer. We offer free samples just contact us !
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Silk Road Mosaic

We are manufacture Various High Quality Silk Road Mosaic.





 Packing Details

Dozan mosaic is the industry's best packaging,regardless of packaging materials,packaging come up over a long period.Cardboard box cardboard imported high-quality,high quality and tough,and the surface has a foam bottom layer of foam surrounded by four sides.Product installed with the sealing glue to seal the box,and then marked twice with high-quality packaging to ensure the package seel,a solid,not easily deformed.Significantly reduce our packaging products generated during transport damage,damage to my lower rates than 98% of peers.We demand to achieve excellence,to provide customers with better service,better products. 

We have stonger cartons and wooden pallets for different marble mosaics and glass mosaics . And we also can other smaller pallets for you . We can load standar pallets for 20pallets mosaic for 1x20' container . And we can load 30pallets for small pallets too 

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 Mosaic Factory-NVmosaics.com Hexagon Marble Mosaics Tiles 

There are our glass mosaic producing line . Welcome to visit our mosaic factory . 

We also can packing by your design cartons which have your company details.

If you have big order for glass or marble mosaics, there are very good for us we can delivery very soon for you . We have big manufactures for your mosaic order . And we have high quality standar for all mosaics ! 

We are one of best manufacturer of top quality Laminated Glass Mosaic, marble mosaic and glass mosaic products in China.